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The services defined below are given to provide you with an idea as to which is best suitable for you.  Remember, each therapist will have their own approach to a discipline of massage
 therapy and will work  to the best of their ability and training.
Not all therapists perform Reiki, Sports, Hot Stone, Pre natal, Reflexology, or Abdominal techniques.

 Services will be performed only by therapists experienced/trained in these particular disciplines.

Gentle music and long gliding strokes are used to create maximum relaxation and serenity. Light or Medium pressure.

Sports Massage

For runners, swimmers, dancers, weight lifters, cyclists, and athletes in all fields and all levels of training. Great for restoration and rehabilitation.

Light to deep pressure.

Deep Tissue

Deep pressuere is targeted to specific areas like the shoulders or the low back and specific techniques are used to access and compress the deep muscle fibers.
Moderate to Deep pressure

Pre Natal

The use of pillows and the "Side Lying" position allows for some relief from the aches and pains associated with Pregnancy.  

Not available during first trimester.

 Specific techniques are used to the feet and hands to stimulate the bodies responses and guide the body towards health and recovery. Deep Pressure

Abdominal Massage
This powerful therapy works to release energy blockages in the abdomen, enhance your vital chi, and promote a healthier longer life.  Aka, Chi Nei Tsang. Light to deep pressure.

Reiki / Crystal
Depending on results wanted, specific crystals and layouts are used to promote varying levels of vibratory frequencies all while receiving a Reiki treatment!!  
60 minute session, VERY relaxing.

Hot Stone
Long gliding strokes and hot basalt stones provide the perfect way to relax and allow the soothing temperature of the stones to melt your cares away.  
Similar to the Swedish Massage, the stone heat is a great way to get into deeper muscle tissues. Light to moderate pressure.